Monday, October 30, 2017

MoCo Celebrities

I posted my own MoCo celebrities in the past but I just discovered this more extensive list by MoCo high school.  Check it out!

The MoCo Show.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summer's Farm - 2017

I've been MIA, I know. But wanted to share our recent trip to Summer's Farm in Frederick. We've been blessed with such warm weather lately.  It's hard to imagine that Fall is upon us!

Their Fall Festival is in full swing: Corn maze, pumpkin patch, fireworks, bouncy area, BABY GOATS, slides, apple cannons, festival food, campsites for rent (when you want to do night time smores), and lots more.

Take a look at this. The farm has a pumpkin cannon that they shoot. While we were there, they happen to do a candy launch. Pretty cool!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What's Happening in Rockville - Dec 2016 - Cookies with Sana 12/17/16 2-4pm

How is it December already?  Check out City of Rockville's 'What's Happening in Rockville'

I'm most interested in Cookies with Santa at the Thomas Farm Community Center.  $4 per person at the door for holiday crafting, cookie decorating and writing letters to Santa.

Also a holiday favorite is the annual City of Gaithersburg Winter Lights Festival. Located at Seneca Creek State Park, little kids will love all the lights as you drive through the Winter Wonderland.  They charge by the car so load up those SUVs and minivans!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Summers Farm - Maryland Pumpkin picking

Instead of going to our usual Butler's Orchard for pumpkin picking, we decided to go further out to Frederick to Summers Farm...which was a hit!  Best part was we went on a Friday which meant no lines and hot hot weather!  Can't beat this 80 degree weather...

Tons of cute cut outs for pictures

My youngest loved the little goats. did you get up there?!

Pumpkin picking

This is when she said "HEAVY"

Never knew a big pile of corn was so fun.

DC Diaper Bank

My daughter and I had the opportunity to volunteer at the DC Diaper Bank in Silver Spring.  This wonderful organization collects not only diapers, but all different products for families in need.  And the operation itself is remarkable...a huge warehouse FULL of diapers.  We were busy packaging diapers in packs of 25 for pick up.  Check out their website!

Putting her hard at work!

Packaged and ready to go!

She's such a poser.

Diapers ceiling to floor...

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Montgomery County, MD MOVE Program - New Businesses signing new Office Space can get up to $8.00 / sf in Grants

Did you know that if you have a business leasing or buying new office/industrial space in Montgomery County, you can qualify for up to $8.00 per sf in grants?  The MOVE program was rolled out June of 2015 to entice more businesses to set up shop in MoCo and bring in more residents and additional collected tax dollars.  AND if you move into City of Rockville, the city is offering an additional $4.00 per sf?  Total $12! Given MoCo office space is reaching up to $25-50 (higher in Bethesda) per sf full-service, that's a significant savings.  But I'm wondering how recent employment trends such as telecommuting has affected business decisions to lease central, close to metro, aka expense office space?  (I'm typing this in a breakfast cafe as I myself telecommute from my job once a week).

I would think that MoCo office sector is suffering on a whole (hence the rollout of this program altogether).  I was recently negotiating an office space in Rockville asking $25.50/sf, building was less than 50% occupied, landlord wouldn't even budge less than $24/sf.  I mean really? Are there than many businesses that want to spend $$$ on overhead?  And talk about the millennials...all they really want is flexibility, the ability to work where ever when ever.  My guess is that office space needs will shrink with more open flexible working areas over the next 5 years.  No employee wants to commute an hour plus to sit at a desk all day.