Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello iPhone 5!

Stars were aligned when the iPhone 5 was launched.  I happen to be at the end of my 2 year cycle, old android battery lasting less than a day, and I've adapted to all the other Apple products known to man (ipad, mac pro, mac desktop, itv, ipod!). I spent my morning at my local Bethesda Row Apple store.  Not to knock the baby boomer generation, but I seem to be the youngest one at the training session.  Learned a lot of new tricks and hopefully it will get me more efficient in blogging!
The stupid thing I just realized was that after the iphone launch announcement, I thought the SMART thing was to preorder thru my carrier, EVEN THOUGH I live within 10 minutes from 3 different Apple stores (Bethesda Row, Montgomery Mall, Tysons Corner, you could count Georgetown as well). The preorder took 4 weeks while I could have picked up a phone the next day. DUH! That's the beauty of MoCo...location location location!

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