Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Writing a new blog can be lonely sometimes.  You blab your heart out everyday with no response!  It's encouragies me to know that there are readers out there so don't be afraid to leave comments!  I had 2 girlfriends complimenting me on my blog this morning alone...=) Thanks for you're support.  On that note, here's this morning's gchat with one of my main homies...
LS: dude, i would totally buy a house from you!!
me:  you're cute
LS: for a second, i thought about that house in your cul de sac hahaha
me: you can be my reference!
LS: seriously, i can't think of anyone more qualified to sell houses in moco. That is like your HOOD
me: it IS ma HOOD! dude, this is totally going on my blog!
LS: hahaha
*Smiles all the way*

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