Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Un-American Thanksgiving

Every year, I feel so un-American eating OUT on Thanksgiving.  But I have good reason!  Last Thanksgiving, I was in the hospital giving birth Abigail!  This year, since we will be on our cruise 2 days after, it just didn't make sense to have all the leftovers go to waste.

Our family tradition is to eat Thanksgiving duck...peking duck that is.  The go-to duck place in DC?  We usually go to Peking Gourmet Inn, where all the presidents go because of the bullet proof glass and all (note: not sure if the bullet proof glass is because of the VIPs or because it's in a not so good area).  But this year, we will celebrate at China Wok.  Located in Vienna, Chef Wang (originally from Oriental Regency), carves up a mean duck for all of us "kids" (yes I'm considered a kid since I am eating with my parents) to gobble up (get it...gobble...Thanksgiving...ok, done laughing at own joke).

Chef Wang at China Wok, Tyson Corner, Va
Chef Wang at China Wok (picture taken from Yelp)

 How are you celebrating turkey day?

For those too lazy to cook, here are some area suggestions open for Thanksgiving dinner!  Happy Thanksgiving...gobble gobble!

Amici Miei - Potomac, MD
The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain - Dickerson, MD
Old Angler's Inn - Potomac, MD
Public House - Oxon Hill, MD (National Harbor)

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