Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wait, no booze in the grocery stores??

Sort of, in case you didn't notice (or didn't know) Maryland state law bans the sale of beer and wine in grocery stores.  Not only that, but alcoholic spirits in Montgomery County can only be sold through the county and not through 3rd party retailers.  However, 4 grocery chains (Shoppers, Giant Food, Magruder's Supermarket and Safeway received an exception under a grandfather clause, because they had licenses before the law was enacted.  For this reason, these four chains are allowed to have one location that sells beer and wine in Montgomery County.  The four stores are the Giant on New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, Shoppers in Germantown, Magruders in Gaithersburg, and Safeway in Olney.  I know what you're thinking, "what are we, under prohibition or something?"

Growing up in this type of environment, I never gave it a second thought...I always thought alcohol could only be purchased in a separate liquor or beer/wine store, that is until I went to college and discovered the wonderful world of Wegmans in upstate New York (again, I will save for another post).  Wegmans had its own beer cooler and vast wine selection, perfect for a young college student.  WOW, I thought...I'm sucha country mouse not knowing that the rest of the world lived like this!

I'm not the biggest drinker, but my recent trip to the Manassas Costco also struck a cord with me after seeing aisles (yes w/ an "s") of wine bottles.

WHOOAAAA, we don't get THIS at our Gaithersburg Costco! =P

As a semi-responsible adult, I find it quite refreshing that Maryland doesn't allow alcohol sales in grocers.  Growing up in Maryland, I can see how NOT seeing my parents buy alcohol at the grocery store has made a positive influence on me.  I now view alcohol as a luxury for special occasions, not an everyday necessity.  Maryland and Montgomery County has taken long strides to make it a family-oriented atmosphere and this alone, takes the cake!  This law takes great support up and down the great state, and for it to survive for so long also shows how residents approve and respect the law.

*This post was inspired by a glass of malbec from Cork 57 Beer & Wine Store in Bethesda.

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