Sunday, December 9, 2012

Joys of Home Ownership

What's the best thing about owning your own home?  Is it picking out wall colors, designing shelving configurations, or maybe accessorizing rooms?  Everyone fantasizes about home ownership but here are the few things that people forget about!

  1. Shoveling snow from your driveway after a massive snow storm
  2. Fixing termite damage (out of pocket) <- Happened this year for me.
  3. Multiple trips to Home Depot (in one day)
  4. Spending every weekend on home projects
  5. Replacing windows (still yet to be done)
  6. Paying real estate taxes
  7. Weeding the flower beds
  8. Raking the leaves (which luckily I don't need to do)
  9. Cleaning and dusting the house (uggg)

If you're as lucky as me, you will find a handy husband like mine who will FORCE you to get off your ass and make your house into a home.  And if you're doubly lucky, you (or in my case, my husband) happen to have an eye for color and interior design.  This weekend, my husband and I went to Home Goods (the great place to find cheap accessories) and found this picture for our family room.

My husband also took the initiative to install under cabinet lights in the kitchen.  Again, in case I haven't stressed it enough, I am EXTREMELY lucky to have such a wonderful husband who continually makes our home as comfy as it is.  And if he doesn't know it already, I appreciate all he does. =)

* Please disregard the large pan of bacon grease sitting on the bottom of the pic (don't judge!).  I was trying to be good to my sink pipes and let it solidify to throw in the garbage...=P

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  1. BACON!! And yes, we all appreciate Neil!