Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DuPar's Hamlet

Word on the street was that the Hamburger Hamlet in Bethesda's Georgetown Square was going 24 hour...WHHHAAAAA????  What about the yummy burgers at the Hamlet you ask? Well, sounds like it's more of a partnership: DuPar's Hamburger Hamlet.  The L.A. based diner, DuPar's, is known for its pancakes and made-from-scratch pies.  Once fully launched, the restaurant will feature DuPar's famous breakfast/bakery items IN ADDITION TO Hamlet's traditional burgers.

I don't blame Hamlet for seeking a partnership.  Bethesda's a tough neighborhood...commercial rent-wise that is.  Those greedy conglomerate landlords keep raising rents, pushing all the mom and pops out of business.  Restaurants, more specifically, are finding ways to increase revenue, and one way is to offer breakfast in addition to its current menu.  Smart move!  Let's face it, there aren't too many breakfast options here in MoCo as it is.  Add on the fact I have a baby: I need to eat breakfast earlier than the normal "brunch" hours.  Not too many choices outside of the diners.

Knowing full well that DuPar's did a soft opening of breakfast items, I took the family to test it out.  This was the result (minus Neil's pink sippy cup of course).

The oversized portions definitely fit the oversized prices.  Not bad overall though.  I asked one of the managers when they thought their grand opening would be and he indicated it would be a couple of weeks at least.  Seems they still have a couple kinks in the system.

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