Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gaithersburg Flea Market

I hope everyone had a great weekend and got a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather! Who knew Spring was just around the corner blessing us with 60 degree weather.  It will be short lived however since next week will be below freezing again.  My poor daffodil flowers are so confused!

In an effort to get rid of my sh- I mean vintaged goods around the house, I signed up for the Gaithersburg Flea Market at the Gaithersburg Agricultural Fair Grounds yesterday.  I paid $50 for space and to my surprise, I made about $250 net! NOT TOO SHABBY!

My booth b*tch (SATC reference...nevermind).

I just love making deals...and I'm sure my customers loved getting deals!  One of my real estate colleagues was helping his daughter sell hair bows and lemme tell you, she's an entrepreneur in the making! She put my booth to shame: table cloths, name tags, floor

Abby couldn't help herself...she loved looking at all the colors!  She ended up with a cute Hello Kitty headband.

The booth next to me had some super cute homemade hair clips as well!

By the end of the market, I was exhausted and dreaded the thought of lugging some of the crap home.  As I was packing up, an older gentleman approached and asked about the large fabric panels I had.  Note: these panels were my parents' circa 1970s and have been gathering dust for the past 20 years.  He really liked one of them so I told him he could have it for free.  He was so ecstatic and thanked me profusely.  I thanked him for taking it off my hands!  As I was packing up, I snapped this photo of him carrying the panel back to his nearby home. =)

I had a lot of fun getting rid of junk and earning money at the same time! There's a weekly outdoor flea market every Saturday at the Fairgrounds I believe...I can't imagine sitting outside for hours in this winter cold...  But check out the next Gaithersburg indoor Flea Market on March 23rd!  I'll be there selling all of my junk, I mean treasures.

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