Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chevy Chase: the city or the actor?

Apparently I missed one heck of a Saturday Night Live last night where a plethora or original SNL cast members stopped by to help host, Justin Timberlake with his show.  One of them happened to be Chevy Chase.  Yes, the one and only, Fletch, Clark Griswold, Dusty Bottoms...the list goes on.

Then, being the Marylandler that I am, I thought to, I wonder if Chevy Chase got his stage name from our Chevy Chase, MD?  (Sidenote: growing up in MoCo, there were Chevy Chase Banks everywhere and I always thought to myself, "why would anyone name a BANK after an actor?"!)

According to Wikipedia, Cornelius Crane "Chevy" Chase was nicknamed Chevy by his grandmother who derived it from the medieval English The Ballad of Chevy Chase.  Huh...who would have thunk it.

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