Thursday, March 28, 2013

Georgetown Cupcakes - Bethesda

Those who are familiar with Georgetown Cupcakes, the popular cupcake shop and also the basis for the TLC show DC Cupcakes, know that there is ALWAYS a line out the door!  I'm a block away from the Bethesda location which is slightly dangerous. Why is it dangerous you may ask?

What I'm about to reveal may possibly change your life FOREVER.  BE WARNED.

Here is social media at its best!  If you Facebook friend them, Georgetown Cupcakes issues a secret not-on-the-menu flavor EVERYDAY.  Every store has 100 of these no-on-the-menu cupcakes that they give away...FREEFREEEEEE!


Almost every day, they also have a random drawing for a dozen FREE cupcakes as well. FREEEEE!

So if you're a Joe-Shmoe walking down the street, you see all these people lining up for cupcakes, you must think to yourself, "man, those must be some damn good cupcakes...what am I missing out on, I should wait in line too!" MARKETING GENIUS!

NOW, when you see the line out of Georgetown Cupcakes...makes you wonder, how many of them are actually paying customers? =)

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