Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MoCo Dog Parks

MoCo loves its dogs!  We have several county run dog parks all free to the public!

Black Hill Regional Park Dog Park - Boyds, MD
Cabin John Dog Park - Bethesda, MD
Olney Manor Dog Park - Olney, MD
Ridge Road Dog Park - Germantown, MD
Wheaton Dog Park - Wheaton, MD

Another option is the Rockville City run dog park at King Farm.  Click here for more details.

True story: I went to Cabin John Dog Park with my 2 dogs when I saw an old man leashing up my little Yorkie.  I approached the man and said, "Um, hi.  That's my dog you just leashed you know."  He just looked at me and smiled, and started to walk away.  I stopped him again and said, "No, that's MY dog.  See? It's a girl.  Your yorkie is right there...the boy dog."  Horrified, he just looked at me and apologized profusely...haha...Mia almost got dognapped! =P

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