Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mix 107.3 Morning Show - Good bye Jack Diamond, Hello Bert Show!

Seems I missed the boat on this one.  Seems long time morning show personality, Jack Diamond, was taken off the air the last week of April to be replaced by the syndicated Bert Show out of Atlanta.  Diamond got his radio start out of high school at WINX, a top 40 station in Rockville.

Diamond released a statement saying:

"Thank you to all who have listened to and participated on my show for the past 24 years! It has been an amazing privilege and honor to have spent over two decades back in my hometown. In every performer's career, there comes a time when a new stage or fresh piece of canvas with a new palette of colors calls your name. That time has come for me. I am very excited about the future! I'm also excited to see one of my protégés and partners, Bert Weiss, continue what I started here given Bert joined me on a couple occasions over those 24 years," Diamond said.

Seems appropriate to send him off as his signed off every broadcast...LOVE YOUR SHOW BABE!

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