Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Be aggressive in buyer's market! - Montgomery County Home Buying

Tired of getting your contract rejected? Make your offer stand out! Be aggressive!

Learning to negotiate effectively can lead to less home buying stress, more confidence, and landing your dream home!
1. Do your homework: Come prepared, research neighborhood prices, recent sales, and what your buying maximum is.  I don't mean what is your loan maximum, but also evaluate what you and your family are willing to spend on your home.
2. Respect the other side's priorities: Is the seller itching to sell fast and want a quick close? Does the seller want to hold out for the highest price? Does the seller not want to bother with home repairs and want to get rid of the home as-is?
3. Compromise on contingencies: Are you offering a lower price? Maybe compromise by taking out a contingency or two such as appraisal or financing (not that I suggest it, but maybe one of the tactics you try).
4. Seek expert help: Don't claim to know it all.  Seek the help of a home inspector and ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS.  Hey, that's what you're paying them for!

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