Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tiger Woods will miss AT&T National in 2013

It's official, traffic along River Road during the annual AT&T National golf Tournament will not be THAT BAD after all this year.  Tiger Woods will not be playing at this year's tournament which will ultimately result in a huge blow to MoCo's tourism.

Congressional Country Club serves host to its annual AT&T National Golf Tournament every year.  And every year, lawns become temporary parking lots ($10-50 a car), Potomac homes go for rent per week upwards of thousands of dollars, and yes, traffic becomes horrendous.

Interesting enough, the amount of attendees is primarily determined by Tiger Woods' appearance at the tournament.  According to the Washington Business Journal, last year when Woods played and won the tournament, he set a single-day attendance record on the final day.  In 2008, when he didn't play, attendance dropped to less than half of what it'd been in previous years.

But selfish people like me who pass Congressional Country Club on a daily basis, do a happy dance because this means River Road will be somewhat civil and will allow me to get home at a decent time! =)

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