Monday, January 26, 2015

Local High School Seniors get Suprised by Testudo

Forget the thin and fat envelopes!  The Admissions staff at the University of Maryland decided to hop on a bus with Testudo, Maryland's mighty terrapin mascot, and suprise a couple of local seniors to let them know that they've been accepted to University of Maryland! 

I remember the sigh of relief when I got my early acceptance letter to college.  I literally freaked out because it was a "thin" envelope...and yet I was by myself when I read the congratulations.  *sarcastic, yeah*...A little underwhelming.  UMD strived for a "prize patrol" feel, as if the student won the Publisher's Clearing House (which I'm convinced is a total hoax!).  This way, not only can they share in the student's excitement, but the admissions staff can put a face to the name, to the thousands of students that they've carefully chose for the incoming class of 2019!  In today's world of social media, what a great marketing idea and conversation starter.  Hey, I'm talking about it aren't I?

Take a look at the video!  I'll admit, I shed a tear. =)


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