Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Preparing your Home for Sale

Spring is upon us...of course a few snow showers are still lingering yet we have smiggitts of warm weather peaking through every now and then.  Before you know it, the market will be hot and heavy with lots of inventory for you home buyers.  For sellers, how do you make your homes stand out from the pack?  Here are some basic tips on preparing your home for a quick sale.

  1. De-clutter - Have buyers focus on how much space is in the home, not how messy it looks.  Less junk makes any space look much larger.
  2. Clean - Dust, wipe, scrub, mop.  Again, let buyers focus on the property in all it's beauty.  Consider hiring a professional cleaner to stop by every few weeks.
  3. Keep decor/colors simple - Repaint to neutral colors, keep decor simple
  4. Bring on the light! - Natural light in the space makes rooms look larger and inviting.
  5. Curb Appeal - potted flowers, trimmed shrubs, clean flower beds, clear walkways go a long way.
  6. Sweet smells - First impressions are important.  The first whiff of your home shouldn't be cigar or pet odors. Neutralize odors with air purifiers and have rugs/carpets professionally cleaned.

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