Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy comes in strong!

Here it is! Hurricane Sandy is coming and promises to be strong.  The entire east coast is already bracing for it's wrath.  Locally, everyone is panicking as usual: grocery stores are out of toilet paper and water, lines in the gas stations, home depot sold out of generators.  MoCo Public Schools have already cancelled schools for both Monday and Tuesday, as did most other local school districts along with the Federal Government.  My volleyball league games for Tuesday were already cancelled! Residents are bracing down for the worse!

Because of the strong down pours and high winds, major power outages are projected for the MoCo region, especially after Pepco's response to this past summer's storms.  Thousands of families were without power for multiple days...even up to a week! RIDICULOUS! Only time will tell if they've learned from their mistakes.

As for my family, we've stocked up on extra gasoline, and have our flashlights's gonna be a long couple of days.  Hm, maybe I should start downloading some movies just in case!

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