Monday, October 15, 2012

Vit Goel (Lighthouse) Tofu

With the crisp Autumn air comes my Asian comfort food cravings: one of which is Korean tofu soup courtesy of Vit Goel aka Lighthouse Tofu.  Located off Twinbrook Parkway, Lighthouse Tofu just calls out to me whenever it's cold out.

Although I'm Chinese, I am almost always mistaken for Korean when I go there.  I just nod and bust out my 3 Korean words that I've learned through the years.

What do I order? Soondubu (tofu soup) with beef and seafood.

You get all that you can eat banchan (side dishes) including kimchi, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and radishes.  The bowl comes right out of the kitchen so the soup is still sizzling at the table.  Pair this with a bowl of rice and I'm in heaven!  Of course they also offer a variety of other Korean staples such as pajeon (Korean pancake appetizer), bulgogi (Korean bbq) and kalbi (Korean spare ribs). (Note to self, try to learn Korean words for non-food items.)

The interior is so cute! It's like an Asian house with newspaper-like wallpaper and wood framed ceiling decorations.

All I can say is Pebulo (I'm full.)

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