Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We have power! - Did I just jinx myself?

As of 9:20am this morning, Pepco reported the above affected areas without power.  NOT BAD CONSIDERING!  In anticipation of losing power, I gave Abby her bath early at around 6pm.  About 2 minutes in, we lost power and had a romantic candlelit family dinner.  By the time we finished, the power was back on. Whew...crisis averted.  But just in case, I downloaded a bunch of tv shows to the ipad to thwart boredom. 

On my way to Bethesda, roads were pretty clear since metro is still down along with Federal Government off.  All but one light was working on the way to Bethesda, not a lot of tree debris anywhere.  NPR even reported that Starbucks was re-opening for today (that's a positive sign).  Compared to this past summer's derecho, this was nothing!  Everything is relative I suppose.  I hope my NYC and Jersey friends are ok...after seeing pictures like these, it's hard to imagine what the streets are like.



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