Monday, February 4, 2013

Hail to the...RAVENS!

Thoughts on last night's Super Bowl?  Obviously, from a girl's point of view, my thoughts have NOTHING to do with the game itself!
  1. Why are this year's commercials so bad? The only one that tugged on my heart a little was the clydesdale running to his daddy.
  2. THAT's Aikers? What happened to his hair? The only reason I even recognize his name is because he was on my fantasy football 5 years ago!
  3. Is it just me or did Beyonce loose her "bootylicious-ness"?
  4. Taken from my friend, RP's facebook post, "Is the stadium run by Pepco too?" HA!
  5. Flacco, you rock! (Even if you dropped an F-bomb, beats telling people,
    "I'm going to Disney World!")
In case you missed it *spoiler, not*, the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl last night! You gotta love a team that sports the Maryland flag on their uniform.  That yellow/black taxi cab checker-ed look is a bit hard to pull off with the purple.  Growing up in MoCo, we were raised to love the Redskins: learning Hail to the Redskins on the recorder, Redskins sweatshirt day at school, and Gibbs is spelled with 2 Bs.  Back in the mid 80s, I thought everyone WIN superbowls...what did I know?
Then in '96, the Ravens jump into the equation.  Because this team is so relatively "young", it's a bit harder for people my age to accept.  I just have flashbacks to HTTR on the recorder everytime someone just mentions football.  But kuddos to Flacco and his team!  I had the privlege of going to a Ravens game this season with my good friend, and season ticket holder, D.
The Ravens parade will take place tomorrow, February 8th at 11am in downtown B-more.

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