Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Harvard on the Pike

Harvard on the Pike, a loving nickname for the local community college, Montgomery College located in Rockville, Maryland, and also right off Rockville Pike.  Although I'VE never heard this, the community college is also referred to as "Yale on the Rail". (You learn something new everyday.)


The BEST advantage of this community college is The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program.  I've seen many-a- focus-challenged students that weren't quite up to par and went to Montgomery College right out of high school.  Best part of this? After meeting the qualifications of the Transfer program, you get GUARANTEED admission to University of Maryland! And what's the double bonus? YOU PAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE TUITION UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY TRANSFER!  I've seen so many people go this route, taking up to 2 years of in CC, then transferring.  That's a University of Maryland degree at HALF the price!

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