Sunday, February 24, 2013

World's smallest sling

My apologies for being MIA, but I promise I have good reason.  So Thursday evening I went to pick up my daughter from her care provider.  Instead of meeting the happy-go-lucky little girl that I've grown so familiar with, I was greeted by crazy screaming.  I thought she was just uncomfortable from teeth coming in.  After getting home, giving her a bath, and changing her into pajamas, she was still screaming on the top of her lungs.  Something wasn't right.  I realized that she wasn't using her left arm at all.  I immediately packed her up and jetting off to Shady Grove Hospital.  (Luckily I live less than 5 minutes away.)  After checking in, less than 2 minutes later we were sent to the back.  The doctor's first assessment suggested she had a nurse maid elbow which is very common in babies and toddlers.  Essentially the ligaments in toddlers are still very loose which make them vulnerable to light tugging, pulling, even light hand twisting making their elbows and other joints dislocate.  After a 1 second "reduction"or adjustment, she should return to normal use.  That night, she seems to use her left hand again and return to what I thought was normal.

Next day, she wasn't using her arm at all.  We thankfully got an 8am appointment at our pediatrician, Potomac Pediatrics (highly highly recommend them!! They are BEYOND FABULOUS), which they then recommended we go to the Children's Hospital for an x-ray, and then to Shady Grove Orthopedics.  Again, all locations were all located in MoCo, and all within 5 minutes from our home.  FANTASTIC.  So now my poor daughter is in the world's smallest sling for the next week. =P

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