Thursday, March 21, 2013


I had a wonderful time traveling around the US with my family.  First a quick update:

San Diego: Snooze Cafe - Pancake Flight, Oatmeal Creme Brulee...unbelievable.  The restaurant was on a wait by the time we left.  Do you ever wonder who are these people who eat breakfast at 10am on a random Thursday? They can't ALL be tourists like us??

Poor baby traveler resting before Sea World.  Left knee is her very first booboo.  She wasn't use to running on concrete, especially in shorts...=(

 Abby's trip highlight, meeting Elmo at Sea World.  She didn't cry or anything! Amazed.

San Diego Zoo - Finally seeing elephants!

After a couple days in San Diego and LA, we returned to the East Coast and spent some time in NYC. On our last day, since we were already in midtown, I randomly visited the Today Show set and look: there we were right in Natalie Moralis' segment.  You can see me and Abby on Natalie's right shoulder!

After a cold tv segment, we warmed up in Magnolia Bakery where instead of dropping $4 on a cupcake, I opted for the $2.50 (healthier) banana muffin.  I think this little jet setter was pretty darn happy. =)  I was so happy to catch up with so many old friends on my vacation.  Hope to see all of you guys soon!

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