Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fear not!

Those who've been suffering from itsmymoco withdraw, FEAR NOT!  My vacation is unfortunately coming to an end and I will be faithfully blogging all Spring since I have no other vacation plans until June.  Spring has sprung! Officially that is...however in reality, not so much.  I just returned back from San Diego and LA where the high was 80 degrees every day.  All the West Coasters must think us East Coasters are such dummies for enduring such cold and miserable weather.  The very day I come back, it was rainy, cold, and just yucky!  I am now it NYC catching up with old friends and eating yummy food.  I have to admit, eating past 9pm is such a luxury!  Not to mention, there's a 24/7 Apple Store, which I have to go visit since I left my phone charger at home. ARGGG!

Anyways, happy Wednesday!

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