Thursday, September 26, 2013

Working on my Fitness

New workplace means new gym facilities.  The Rockville area has a wide range of gym selections from the basics to the fancy schmancy.  Since I work my day job at the Rockville Town Center, I found it prudent to join the Gold’s Gym.  But growing up in the area, I’ve had my share of good gyms…here’s the rundown.  This is NOT a complete list, but a list of gyms that I have personally tried.

Basic – Gold’s Gym Rockville Town Center. (I’ve also tried out the Fitness First Wintergreen, Germantown, North Potomac, Bethesda)  In and out, no fuss, no muss.  After they purchased Fitness First, their network expanded enormously.  I love the convenient locations, no-frills changing and shower areas, dry sauna, validated parking and the variety of group classes.  To date, I’ve tried body pump, spin, and a dance cardio.  Relatively cheap, automatically deducted every 2 weeks.

Mid – Sport and Health. (Rio and Bethesda)  Features an indoor pool, more elaborate changing area with steam sauna, dry sauna, Jacuzzi, variety of classes, free parking, plenty of machines, sport courts, etc.  I stopped going there because I remember it being a bit pricey and since the location wasn’t within walking distance (which is the only way I will get myself to the gym), I stopped going.

Premium – Lifetime Fitness.  I LOVED the facilities here! Clean, open 24 hours, smoothie/snack bar, great classes, awesome steam room, Jacuzzi.  But (at least the Seven Locks location) doesn’t have a pool or ultra cool kids area unlike the megaplexes down in Centreville.  For $100+ a month, I expected a pool, sports court, and other cool amenities.  Again, it came down to – not walking distance, so it ended up being a really expensive gym donation.  Hence bye bye gym membership.

Ultra Premium – Equinox.  Confession, I never actually ponied up the $140+ a month gym fee but I did try it out for a week to see what the ultra -luxury in fitness felt like.  Gorgeous facility, super fancy classes (took a barre class), and the kicker – Kiel’s bath products…girlie awesomeness.  This gym (back in the day) DID in fact pass the “within walking distance” test, however, paying for the gym every month would mean cutting back on “eating out” budget.  Ironic.  Alas a long term relationship with Equinox was never to be.

Of course there are many other gyms out there that deserve some love as well: Planet Fitness (basic), Washington Sports Clubs (mid), LA Fitness (mid).

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