Friday, December 28, 2012


Another year, another set of resolutions.  After one plus year post baby, I have committed myself to start getting back into shape.  Why am I trying to firm up you may ask? Here are my reasons: 1) I can't comfortably fit into any of my work pants. 2) I look horrible in pictures. and 3) I can't stand having no energy and constantly complaining about backaches (I think my husband is also sick of my complaints!).

Therefore, today I finally broke out the yoga mat and completed a Bikram yoga class in Bethesda.  (Note, I unrolled my yoga mat in class and out crawled out a stink bug...NO JOKE!) For those who are unfamiliar, imagine 90 minutes of no talking, in a room heated 104 degrees with 40% humidity, practicing a sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.  Oh and did I mention the sweating?  Yeah, you've never seen your shins sweat have you? 

Sounds fun right? For me, it's pure bliss and torture at ths same time.  I love to stretch.  Post baby, god knows I need a good stretch, especially my back and shoulders after carrying around a 20 lb baby.  However, in a heated room, you are stretched to the max, a deeper stretch that you feel straight to your muscles.  Some say that it feels like a deep tissue massage...a good kind of sore. 

As my instructor told us today, it's not yoga's yoga practice.  Every day, your body will feel totally different in each of these poses.  Some days, one pose will be super easy while the next day, you find it super difficult.  For me, it's all mental.  It helps me to focus on this sequence and tune out the rest of the world.  The best part is when you can't handle the heat and the teacher lets in that little breeze of cool air into the studio...aaaahhhhhhhhhh, feels oh so good. =)

Another great studio is the Bikram Yoga in Rockville run by my good 'ol friend Diana Kang.  When I have my boba store in Travilah Square, we opened our businesses at the same time! 10+ years later, I sold my business and she's still going strong!  If you feel like giving it a try, tell Diana I sent you.  (Sorry, you won't get any special treatment, but she may not pick on you as much!)

UPDATE:  Day after, I actually went again! I KNOW...I yoga-ed my way out of the sore-ness! So proud of myself. =D

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