Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Lights - The City of Gaithersburg

It's getting cold here! We finally got our first dusting of snow.  Friday night, the entire family ventured out to Seneca Creek Park to enjoy the Winter Lights Festival.  

For $15 a car, we were off to a winter wonderland of lights.  I couldn't get too many good pictures but you can view this video to get a better idea.

Abby was a little too small to understand all the lights but she did enjoy the colors!  Not the best pictures...sorry.  We could see the other cars w/ older children and they were ALL excited to see all the fabulous lights.  We took about 50 minutes driving though the entire park!  I have to admit though, towards, i felt like I was more just stuck in traffic bumper to bumper...

On another note, I forgot to post my last trip to BCS BBQ.  This place is great! Located on Old Georgetown Road across from NIH, it's a little food truck (but it's permanently stationed there).  Every morning on my way to work, I pass by the Bethesda icon, Bethesda Convenience Store.  It's a little house on the corner of Old Georgetown and Cedar that's been there..forever.  On the hard corner, I pass by this little "truck" (looks more like a little log cabin), a side business that BCS opened a couple years ago, and all I see is smoke coming out of the smoker.  Nothing like a big whiff of BBQ at 8:30am!  So on Christmas eve, I picked up this baby for my family to damage? $22!!  WHAAA you say? I know...WHAT A DEAL!

Just to add a little randomness, winter is definitely upon us considering high winds today.  I had to add this hilarious picture of my laundry fresh from the dryer.  It's SO friggin dry and static-y lately that I snapped this pic of my scarf all wigged out! It almost looked alive! HA!

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