Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lakeforest Lunar New Year Celebration

Happy Chinese New Year!  We went to the opening ceremonies at Lakeforest Mall yesterday.  Boy was it packed!

Every year, CCACC (Chinese Culture and Community Service Center) organizes a Lunar New Year Celebration for the mall.  This year didn't disappoint!

This year is the Year of the Snake.  CCACC also sells these sweatshirts to the general public.

Abby, being the VIP that she is, also made it up on stage during the opening ceremonies! You can see her schmoozing with the best of them including Mayor of Gaithersburg, Sidney Katz and Montgomery County Executive, Ike Leggett.

Here's a view of the Lion dancers from the second floor.

Afterwards, we ventured to the Wushu exhibits upstairs where Abby practiced her drum skills.  I highly recommend you take the family to Lakeforest for the event which goes on until February 17th.  There's paper cutting, origami demonstrations, costume photos, and more for the whole family.  Click here for performance and booth schedules. 

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