Friday, February 8, 2013

Pike & Rose Update - Rockville

rePIKEalization Update
Just got this Pike and Rose update from Federal Realty Investment Trust.
Pike & Rose is more than a new neighborhood. Located at the intersection of Montrose Parkway, Rockville Pike and Old Georgetown Road, an exciting new urban area is under construction. Opening in 2014, it’s a place to live, shop, and work inspired. Here's the latest information on our construction progress. This is what it looks like when 24 acres of strip mall transforms into an inspiring mix of culture, entertainment, cuisine, and shopping designed to engage and enchant.  Hats off to all the workers braving the chilly winter days!

Block 11 is the future home of iPic Theaters, Salt Bar, and Tanzy.  All you need to know is that this is the block of Ahhhh's.  Prepare to be amazed by a luxury movie-going experience and imagine yourself dining on gourmet treats and a glass of wine or cocktail.  Stacked on top is Class A office space. It's no wonder our workers are inspired--they've completed 270 of 287 caissons.  Underslab drainage system?  Check.  In February we'll complete the caissons and begin pouring the slab and foundation walls.

Block 12 is our uber-cool, loft-style residential building.  If you are looking for a new apartment, join our residential mailing list for updates.  Dining and retail sits on the ground level--apartments sit above,  Muse Alley will be right around the corner. Our workers are building a solid foundation -- pouring the concrete slab, waterproofing exterior walls, and forming solid columns under the slab.  In February, we'll complete more columns for our retail spaces.

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