Friday, February 15, 2013

To Cruise or Not to Cruise

I've mentioned cruise travel on my blog before, more notably here and here.  I've been on 3 cruises in my lifetime and never had any hiccups whatsoever.  All my trips were relatively inexpensive, relaxing, and all in all quite wonderful! 

In light of the recent cruise incidents: the horrific crash of the Italian Costa Concordia and more recently and the Carnival Triumph power outage, the cruise industry in general will need to do some major PR to retain its customer base.  After hearing all the news coverage on the Carnival cruise ship, my husband yesterday said to me, "Triumph...that ship sounds so...familiar.  Was that the same cruise ship we went on?"  I checked my photos (that incidentally we recovered from last year's computer hard drive recovery...LESSON LEARNED, ALWAY BACK UP!) and low and behold, in pure craziness that is life, we did in fact sail on the Carnival Triumph back in 2008! Now THAT is random...

Here's Triumph back in 2008, pre-fire
Main Deck 2008
Picture of the happy couple, pre-wedding and pre-kiddo, dining on the Triumph!

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